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Women's Black Nebula Raincoat | Generation II

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The classic Nebula raincoat is named after the countless stellar nebulae of our universe. The matte black color of the raincoat is similar to the black space surrounding Earth. Drops of rain falling on the fabric surface are reflected by the glare of billions of stars. Nebula is a high-tech wardrobe addition suitable to both lovers of high fashion and those who stick to classic clothing styles. The raincoat is multi-season. It can be worn as outerwear in warm weather, and in cold weather, as a shell to protect outerwear from rain or snow.

The Action Mistral™ military-grade fabric that the Nebula raincoat is made of is a waterproof, breathable membrane that provides a comfortable microclimate for your body. Action Mistral™ fabric is used in tactical gear issued to the armed forces of Scandinavia. Internal seams are taped for improved waterproofing. The fabric resists static electricity buildup. Reflector strips are applied to the raincoat as well.

The Nebula raincoat is equipped with MAGLOCK technology – a magnetic fastening system. Each raincoat is equipped with SP//AI system – a virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence. The virtual assistant can explain proper care of the garment, with tips on optimal weather conditions to wear it and suggestions of other Spekter models that fit it. Nebula is a part of the Mars collection by Spekter.

Fabric Technology:
Action Mistral™ membrane
Black matte color
80 % PES | 20 % PU, 145 g/m2,
Waterproof | Class 3
Water penetration Hydrostatic head > 8 000 mm
Water vapour permeability 7000g/m2/24h
Wind resistent, Breathability | Class 3
Resists the buildup of static electricity

Action Light™ membrane
Black color
74 % PA | 26 % PU, 95 g/m2
Water repellent
Water penetration Hydrostatic head > 8 000 mm
Water vapour permeability 5000g/m2/24h,
Wind resistant, Breathable
Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®

Used engineering solutions:
MAGLOCK⑅ – a magnetic fastening system
SP//AI⑅ – a virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence
Reflective elements

Pockets: 2
External: 2
Internal: 0

Designed & Produced in Estonia

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Size chart


waist B 131,0 136,0 141,0 146,0 151,0 156,0 161,0
hip C 129,0 134,0 139,0 144,0 149,0 154,0 159,0
length D 95,7 97,0 98,3 99,6 100,9 102,2 103,5
sleeve E 66,1 67,0 67,9 68,8 69,7 70,6 71,5

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