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Men's Hubble Coat Generation 1.01

The Hubble coat is named after the astronomer Edwin Hubble, who has changed our view of the universe by exploring the structure of space.

Hubble coat is an uncompromising step towards technological fashion. It is the optimal choice for quality and innovation lovers. The coat protects you from the elements.

The Foxshell Fleece M™ military-grade fabric the Hubble coat is made of is a multi-layer, waterproof, breathable membrane. The outer layer protects you from the elements, and the inner layer is made of soft, cozy fleece. Only eco-friendly materials were used to manufacture the fabric, confirmed by the certificate of conformity Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®. Foxshell Fleece M ™ fabric is used in tactical gear issued to Scandinavian armed forces. Reflector strips are applied to the coat belt as well.

The Hubble coat is equipped with MAGLOCK technology – a magnetic fastening system. The coat is complemented by the BLASTER//ARM⑅ system – retractable sleeve-cuff with magnetic position stabilizers. Each coat is equipped with SP//AI system – a virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence. The virtual assistant can explain proper care of the garment, with tips on optimal weather conditions to wear it and suggestions of other Spekter models that fit it. Hubble coat is at the forefront of the Mars collection by Spekter. 

Fabric Technology:
Foxshell Fleece M™ Membrane
Black matte color
86% PES | 12% PU | 2% EL, 320 g/m2
Water penetration Hydrostatic head > 10 000 mm,
Water vapour permeability 3000g/m2/24h,
Wind resistant, Breathable
Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®

Used engineering solutions:
BLASTER//ARM⑅ – retractable sleeve-cuff with magnetic position stabilizers
MAGLOCK⑅ – a magnetic fastening system
SP//AI⑅ – a virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence
Taped seams
Reflective elements

Pockets: 3
External: 2
Internal: 1

From the first Digital Nation 
Made in Estonia | Earth

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